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Tavdi is a village in Gujurat, India

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Read about the opening ceremony for the new class rooms at Tavdi school.

22nd September 2020

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All these brothers and sisters of Tavdi are united, kind, generous, friendly and “VERY PROUD TO BE TAVADIAS”


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New class rooms opened at school

With thanks to Mr & Mrs Vallabhbhai Morarbhai Patel for their kind donation towards five
brand new class rooms for our village School.

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Entrance to school
Start of the opening ceremony
Opening ceremony
Opening ceremony
Opening ceremony
Welcoming RC Patel (MP)
Thanks and greetings for the head teacher
Speech by the head teacher Dipak Bhai
Primary school students
Primary school students

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 Bicycle Donation to Primary School children from Dahyabhai B Patel

Bicycles donated to primary school children

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